Together We Row, Together We GRow

Since its inception in 2016, Siggiewi Rowing Club wanted to be different. The Club prides itself to be the first Maltese rowing club to have internationally classified para rowers registered with it.

Siggiewi Rowing Club fully embraces the beauty of diversity in its athlete membership and prioritises the long-term athletic development of ALL its member athletes, over the short-term “winning the next race” approach. As a result, we have with us an excellent mix of athletes, para-athletes, and athletes with intellectual disabilities, of all ages (Junior to Master), female and male. Some row to compete and excel, others to self-improve, for rehab, or an a recreational basis.

This is what makes the Siggiewi Rowing Club “family” what it is: we row and grow together, supporting each other.


Current para-athletes of our Club include Julian Bajada (PR3, classified), Nick Mercieca (PR1, classified), Isaac Borg (PR3-ID), Kurt Farrugia (PR2) and Owen Mallia (PR3-AK).

Julian Bajada, is in many aspects a blueprint of a top para-athlete, not only in terms of his athletic ability. He is hard-working, intelligent, and super determined. A lawyer by profession, and Malta Paralympic Committee Secretary-General, Julian works round the clock to transform the dreams of Malta’s para-athletes into a reality. In June 2022, through the “Julian Bajada Challenge“, more than EUR43,000 have been raised to kick-start a professional para-rowing program. As announced, this program will be administered through SRC and we are currently in the process of getting the ball rolling to purchase the equipment, etc. Our para rowers, the Club and Malta owe a lot to Julian – an inspiration to us all.

Nick Mercieca is Malta’s first PR1 classified athlete whose dedication to sports is second to none. Owen, an above-the-knee amputee, is Malta’s first para athlete to have competed at an international rowing event (the 2021 British Rowing Virtual Championships organised by British Rowing) and was awarded Gold in the IAR5 category in the 1-minute and 4-minute races.

Isaac Borg, our first PR3-ID athlete, is the first Maltese athlete ever to have broken multiple world records in Indoor Rowing and is the current world record holder in a number of categories.


In the interim period, until we launch our on-water para program, para rowers enrolled with the Club join in our regular classes where they are given specialised attention from our University of Malta qualified coaches. Two of our para-athletes have taken part in an international training camp organised by World Rowing in Gavirate. It is also our intention that rowers who wish to participate in the Maltese traditional National Regatta will be given the opportunity to join a mixed crew with able-bodied athletes.

How to join the SRC Indoor Rowing Sessions

If you are new to our Club, please contact us to book your initial free trial session. We understand that every para-athlete is unique in terms of abilities, and the Club can offer newcomers the possibility to taste rowing through our “Rowing Mini Clinic” project financed through the Small Initiatives Scheme.

Our current members can use this form to book their Wed/Fri sessions.

One-to-one sessions are booked directly with the coaches.

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