Rowers … can do it all, and they can do it well. Joining the rowing team will be the greatest decision you will ever make if you choose to accept the harsh realities of the sport. By doing so, you will understand the incalculable value of an indomitable spirit – and you will learn, above all, that your achievements in life are limited only by the magnitude of your drive to achieve them.” – Amy Yao

Our Club has teamed up with some of the best neighbouring rowing clubs who are as eager as we are to see our local rowers row on Olympic fine boats. The Club owns a single-scull training boat, the first of its kind in Malta, acquired through a personal donation by one of its kind in Malta which can be used to teach practically everyone how to row, even para-athletes. Moreover, recognising that Malta still lacks the required technical development in terms of basic infrastructure, expert coaches in fine rowing, etc. we offer our rowers the possibility to be trained by some of the world’s best coaches and athletes who share our common goals and ambitions.

Obviously, before starting on-water rowing, athletes are asked to become familiar with rowing through on-land training which we offer. The transition from on-land to on-water, with the magic this brings with it, is normally something natural. Our experience has shown that once you start, it’s unlikely that you will turn back.

Our Club’s training sessions are held every Wednesday and Friday at 1500hrs, 1545hrs and 1630hrs, at SportMalta’s Ta’ Kandja facilities.

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