Siġġiewi Rowing Club offers two types of memberships: ordinary (supporter) membership and rower (athlete) membership.

ordinAry membership

Show your support towards Siġġiewi Rowing Club, its athletes, projects and ambitions by enrolling as an “ordinary member” (supporter).

When you join Siġġiewi Rowing Club as an ordinary member you will earn the right to directly participate in the Club’s direction by means of voting rights at the AGM. At this meeting, the Club presents to its members its work in the previous year though a detailed Annual Report, its projects and ambitions for the coming years, as well as its Financial Reports.

Through your membership, you will also be supporting the club financially through annual membership contributions. The annual ordinary membership comes at only €10 per year. You can easily become a member by clicking the button below, where you can choose to become a member and also make a donation over and above of either €5, €15, €40 or €90.

Ordinary members can upgrade their membership to athlete membership without additional costs (apart from coaching). Please contact Club President on +356 7904 9865 for further information.


The SRC “Basic” Rower Registration means that you formally register with Siġġiewi Rowing Club as a rower (“qaddief”, athlete). Registrations as a “rower” with Siġġiewi Rowing Club follow the protocol, rules and regulations of Malta Rowing Association and can be done through this form.

The “basic” type of registration is the most basic form of athlete membership and is open to anyone who wishes to be part of the Siġġiewi Rowing Club family of rowers and athletes. The Club considers each rower member as unique, and everyone will be given the opportunity to tailor-make her/his training programme depending on their ambitions and aspirations, athletic ability, etc. Everyone is welcome to join, and experience rowing at first hand.

As a Siġġiewi Rowing Club registered rower, you will be entitled to join our training programmes and activities and eventually, if you so wish, compete in the name of the Club. We offer all kind of rowing activities including indoor rowing and on-water Coastal, Olympic / Paralympic, as well as the more traditional fixed-seat rowing (Maltese Regatta). As a rower member, you will also enjoy the privilege of attending and voting at the annual general meeting of the Club.

The annual “basic” Athlete Membership Registration comes at only €10 per year. You can easily become a member or pay your membership fee by clicking the button below.

Very often, members combine their membership with a training package, and, to make things easier, we offer the possibility to make a subscription where athletes register for our coached sessions (2 sessions per week indoor rowing + on-water support, for 1/3/6/12 months, recurring) with a special price which includes membership. Athletes can also opt to train remotely.

Take it one step up: professional coaching


When subscribing to our training programme, you will benefit from the guidance of our rowing coach who will lead you towards your fitness goals and towards professional rowing should you wish to embark on that journey.

Our training programmes can be subscribed to against very affordable contributions that go towards paying the fees of our coach. The training contributions do not include the fee any contributions for use of facilities for sessions which are held at Dar tal-Providenza Gym. Sessions held elsewhere may be subject to a separate annual fee shall be paid to the entities concerned (e.g. SportMalta if training is held at Ta’ Kandia).

Below you can choose your preferred subscription plan, or book your first free rowing session! (*for members only, 2023 membership fee included).

Should you require any further information please contact the Club President, Joseph Grima, on +356 7904 9865 or any other member of the committee. 


If you wish to train on-water with Siġġiewi Rowing Club, please contact the Club President Prof. Joseph N. Grima (Mob: +356 79049865). Please note that on-water training for athletes who have never rowed before is normally preceded by an induction training programme through indoor rowing. For further information, please book a free indoor rowing session where we can discuss better the protocol for on-water training with our Club. If you are already an experienced on-water rower, please get in contact with the Club President.

Should you require any further information please contact the Club President on +356 7904 9865 or any other member of the committee. 

Should you require any further information please contact the Club President, Joseph Grima, on +356 79 049 865 or any other member of the committee. 

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